investment portfolio management in Knoxville

What is Investment Portfolio Management?

Creating an investment portfolio that has a predictable and desirable outcome is not a crazy stock market ride without rhyme or reason. It isn’t buying stocks and hoping for the best while attempting to time when to buy and when to sell. Investment Management here at Heritage Investors uses predictable models with data points showing "what you could expect if you do the following..."

Goal-based investing is essential to your financial future. That is why we take the art of investment portfolio management to a whole new level. We align the financial markets to your specific financial, tax, and risk management goals. Our team works relentlessly, researching quality investments that we believe will garner you the highest possible returns with the lowest possible costs. Investment portfolio management is not just about today's returns, it is about driving toward attaining your future financial goals.

Who Needs Portfolio Management?

Investment Portfolio Management is for individuals who trust and understand that there is value in an expert handling this area. It is NOT for the "do-it-yourself" person. Handling your own investments requires hours of research, constant market monitoring, and analysis, understanding investment technologies, the knowledge of how and when to course-correct with market changes, and the ability to detach your emotions from your investments. If that doesn’t describe you then Heritage Investors’ Investment Portfolio Management is for you!

We share the management philosophy of Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffett who once said:

"Lethargy, bordering on sloth remains the cornerstone of our investment style."

Once the research has been conducted, build a strategy and stick to the plan. Seldom is there success in buying and selling based on a hunch or on knee-jerk reactions.  Instead, we utilize proven research surrounding Target Band rebalancing.

What is Target Band Rebalancing?

Simply put, target-band rebalancing is a tool that is used to ensure that your portfolio doesn’t become too heavy in one position or too light in another. The target-band monitors, purchases, and sells your stocks in real-time and it does so with razor-sharp efficiency.

Essentially, a target-band analyzes the various positions and sets a strategic target so that when the position reaches that target, the target-band automatically sells the position and buys another.

Ready to find out more?

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