chris steward CFA

Chris Steward - Director of Investments

  • CFA® - Chartered Financial Analyst
  • Investment Advisor Representative
  • MA - Masters in Economics

Chris grew up working alongside his father, uncles, and cousins in their family-owned manufacturing business in Michigan. This familial proximity provided Chris with a unique perspective on hard work and sacrifice, as well as the challenges and opportunities that often occur with closely-held family-owned businesses.

A self-professed financial theory geek, Chris has a strange need to prove out economic models for himself in an Excel spreadsheet before accepting them as gospel. This passion for knowledge started with an economics degree from Vassar College, and then a Master's in Economics from Cambridge University in England. Chris continued his experience as he served as an adjunct professor at the Brandeis Graduate School of International Economics and Finance.

Chris spent much of his professional career leveraging his knowledge, experience, and insight for the betterment of large institutions. He authored several chapters in "The Handbook of Fixed Income Securities," including one that was selected for the Chartered Financial Analyst Level III curriculum. His work is recorded in many publications, and white papers still utilized in the academic financial industry. 

Additionally, Chris served as Senior Market Analyst for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, where he drafted weekly reports for Senior Federal Reserve Board members. More recently, he served as an institutional portfolio manager with Fidelity as well as a portfolio advisor with Wellington Management, Putnam Investments, and Zurich Scudder Investments.

All of Chris's experiences have led him to the point where he now serves as the chair of the Heritage Investors Investment Committee. Chris's goal is to shape the investment process of Heritage Investors into a national leader amongst the fee-only planning community.

In his personal life, Chris is an avid pilot and FAA-certified Air Charter, operator. He frequently flies for Above the Clouds, a nonprofit organization that provides flight experiences for underprivileged or sick children, and for Pilot AirLift Services, a nonprofit that provides non-emergency medical transportation. When he is not airborne, his feet are firmly planted in his wine cellar, collecting single malt scotch and fine wine.

Did you know:
Chris has a barrel of scotch maturing at Bruichladdich on the island of Islay in Scotland?

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