CVGA business strategist in Knoxville, Justin Goodbread
Exit Planning Institute’s 2018 Leader of the Year
Exit Planning Institute’s 2018 Leader of the Year

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Knox Business Journal 40 Under 40

Investopedia Top 100 advisor
Investopedia Top 100 Advisor

You Need An Experienced Business Strategist

If you are a business owner, statistics say that 80% of your net worth is tied up in your business. Most likely, that means that you are not investing the majority of your money into stocks, bonds, and mutual funds; you’re investing your money in your business. Thus, you need more help than the average financial planner can offer.

You need a business strategist who can help you manage, operate, and grow the value of your biggest investment – your business. You need someone who can identify the capital in your company and help you realize a profit from it when you decide to retire and/or sell your company.

Yet, business isn’t just about the investment you’ve put into it. It’s about monitoring and adapting to increasing competition, market volatility, legal changes, employee demands, risk factors, and other business “setbacks.” It’s about managing inventory, team members, and marketing, and it’s even about meeting personal, employee, and customer expectations.

You don’t have to do all of that alone.

Years of Experience and Business Strategy Training Benefit You

Realizing he had a passion and talent for helping fellow small business owners and for breaking complex financial concepts into financially simple terms, Justin Goodbread, CFP® expanded his education by earning Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA®) and Certified Value Growth Advisor (CVGA®) designations. Hours of training and many clients, as well as being a business owner with 20+ years of wealth and financial planning experience, make him the ideal business strategist to help you manage the complexities of your business.

Let's Talk...

Business strategy is a VERY complex process that cannot be easily explained in a few paragraphs. Let's get together for a complimentary compatibility meeting to discuss how we can help you fix problems, free up money, and grow your business.