Wealth Management Business Planning Fees

Wealth Management & Business Planning Fees

At Heritage Business Advisors, we believe that trust is paramount in our relationships. We want our clients to feel secure in our fiduciary services and we obtain that security through clarity and transparency. That’s why we provide each and every client with a clearly defined outline of our fees. With Heritage, there’s never a hidden cost associated with our business management fees.

Our team isn’t compensated by commissions, sales or transaction charges, kickbacks, or other compensation schemes. Instead, the advisors at HBA work on a fee basis, meaning we are paid by growing your business. Because of this, you can trust that we are never going to try to sell you any products or services that you don’t need. Integrity is at the heart of what we do and our success is measured by your success.

Our business planning services are divided into three basic groups: Basic Business Planning, Complex Business Planning and Startup Planning. Each of these business groups has needs that are unique to them and therefore, are served uniquely.


To discuss the fee structures for working with Heritage Investors, schedule a meeting with one of our award-winning business advisors.