The Business Value Growth Process

Oftentimes, business owners want us to increase their company’s profitability, sales, margin, or return on investment. However, we believe that increasing the sellable value of the company is paramount. By taking the steps that are required to increase the salable value of your business, you will simultaneously be driving profitability, sales, and many other desirable outcomes for your business. We believe that knowing the targeted value of your business only comes from a fully quantified, written personal financial plan. In fact, we will not do a business value growth without it.

Once your personal financial plan is completed, the value growth team knows the targeted value your company needs to attain in order to achieve your personal goals.

At Heritage Business Advisors, we believe that the only way to properly grow the value of your company is to do so in conjunction with personal wealth management. The idea behind this is a simple one: in order for your business to succeed, your house must, first, be in order. As business owners, our business goals are often tied directly to our personal financial goals. Because of this, Heritage Business Advisors has developed a business management process that combines your personal wealth management with your business’ and drives them toward their common goals.

With your personal financial plan in hand, the value growth team can begin the value growth process.