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Exit Planning Institute Leader of the Year Award

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Investopedia Top 100 Advisor

We Specialize in Growing the Value of Businesses

Statistics have shown that 80% of the business owner’s net worth is tied to their business. While we encourage diversification in your investments, we put a premium on maximizing your greatest asset... your business. In our business advisory division, Heritage Business Advisors, we focus on growing the benchmark value of your business so that it can become a valuable asset that could be sold for a profit to fund your retirement or to finance your next business venture.

The team at Heritage Business Advisors has successfully founded, grown, and sold multiple companies of their own, as well as increased the overall value of many of our clients’ businesses. Our goal is to grow the value of each of your assets, making a well-rounded and profitable portfolio that increases your wealth. With so much of your own net worth tied up in your company, it makes sense to increase the value of that asset.

Our Certified Value Growth Advisors guide you through the process of increasing the benchmark value of your company by conducting an assessment of the eight key areas that impact your business’ value: Planning, Operations, Marketing, Sales, People, Financial, Leadership, and Legal. Once we have completed your assessment, we work closely with you as you execute the business strategies that we’ve tailored to your specific needs.

The more you improve each of these key areas, the more valuable your business becomes. A side-effect of improving these areas is that your business’ profitability almost automatically goes up because of greater efficiencies within your operations.

As part of the Business Financial Planning, we might work through and implement some or all the following methods in your business:

  • Business Value Growth

  • Comprehensive Strategic Planning

  • Business Structure Advisement

  • Risk Management Assessment

  • Leadership/Departmental

  • Retirement Plan Strategies

  • Sales & Growth Forecasting

  • Sales & Marketing Planning

  • Quantification/KPIs

  • Business Acquisition & Sale Strategies

  • Succession/Exit Planning

  • Buy/Sell Agreements

Next Steps...

We would love to work with you to build holistic strategies designed to grow your business (and personal) wealth. Click to schedule a quick call to see if our teams are a good fit for each other.