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Business Planning and Wealth Management

Here at Heritage Investors, our extensive training in business value growth and exit planning strategies makes us unique here in Knoxville and around the country. Our approach to financial planning for the business owner is an all-encompassing process working with both the owner AND the business - from a single owner with minimal sales numbers to larger, complicated, multi-owner companies.

If you own a small business with a single-owner our Basic Business Planning is designed for you. Statistics show that you have a majority of your worth tied up in your business. This scenario is why we feel that a hybrid personal/business strategy set is absolutely essential. Your personal retirement goals are directly connected to the success of the business... both the day-to-day success and the sellable asset it will become.

If you own a larger business with special considerations and long-term planning requirements that only a Certified Value Growth Advisor™ can build strategies for, then our Complex Business Planning is the best option. The complexities of, for example, exit planning - for both the owners and employees, is a complicated and ever-changing process that not just anyone has the experience to handle. Here at Heritage, we have that training. We will be pulling together with your company's principles, key staff, CPA, banker, and anyone that has an effect on your finances, to drive your long-term growth.

As you can imagine, this process of gathering, assessing, modifying, and monitoring the numbers can be an in-depth and complicated process. This process becomes exponentially more complicated having both personal and business planning working in tandem. It takes a special team with special knowledge and experience to accomplish this monumental task. The team at Heritage Investors have been trained as CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™, Certified Exit Planning Advisors, and Certified Value Growth Advisors™ allowing us to bring together strategies for that combines both business and personal objectives.

As part of the Business Financial Planning, we might work through and implement some or all the following methods in your business:

  • Business Value Growth

  • Quantification/KPIs

  • Business Structure Advisement

  • Risk Management Assessment

  • Leadership/Departmental

  • Retirement Plan Strategies

  • Sales & Growth Forecasting

  • Sales & Marketing Planning

  • Business Acquisition & Sale Strategies

  • Succession/Exit Planning

  • Buy/Sell Agreements

Next Steps...

We would love to work with you to build holistic strategies designed to grow your business (and personal) wealth. Click to schedule a quick call to see if our teams are a good fit for each other.