financial expert witness and litigation support

Financial Expert Witness & Litigation Support

Justin Goodbread CFP Financial Expert WitnessIn a lawsuit, financial concerns often raise their head. When they do, the numbers must be analyzed, interpreted, and presented by someone that clearly understands finance. Being a nationally awarded expert in areas of financial planning, business development/strategy, and exit planning, Mr. Goodbread is the one to trust when you need an economic and financial expert witness.

Mr. Goodbread’s litigation support involves extensive research and insight allowing him to build in-depth reports outlining multiple scenarios, but he is able to present in common, everyday terminology that all listening will be able to understand.

Lawyers, CPAs, arbitrators, and mediators enlist Mr. Goodbread’s litigation support services for:

  • Financial Planning Disputes
  • Succession Planning Disputes
  • Divorce Disputes
  • Small Business Disputes
  • and other cases requiring complicated financial research.

Mr. Goodbread’s extensive research, in-depth reporting, and clear and concise testimony have helped clients develop winning case strategy in Knoxville Tennessee and across the US.

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Don't risk your next case by not understanding the full story behind complex financial scenarios.