institutional asset management

Institutional Asset Management

Heritage Business Advisors offers advice and investment management services to a wide variety of institutional clients. Whether operating an endowment, pension, or even a family business, HBA’s Chartered Financial Analysts have the experience and the knowledge to help your organization meet its goals.

Heritage Business Advisors offers a straightforward, financially simple approach to successful long-term investing. We construct portfolios that, while matched to your entity’s specific goals and objectives, remain easy to understand. Each plan is designed and implemented to fulfill a specific need or match a liability within your organization. Through expert market analysis, sophisticated software, individual planning, and deliberate advice, our team will help you to reach your goals.

Organizational Alpha

The organizational structure that surrounds a portfolio is a potential source of alpha that is all too rarely recognized. Too often, investors miss out on this because they are overly focused on the portfolio’s performance relative to its benchmark. Heritage Business Advisors is driven to help institutions to make better choices for their investment programs through guided investment policies and smart portfolio design.

The process begins by a review and documentation of your Investment Policy Statement (IPS). Through this process, HBA will aid in developing a comprehensive plan for conducting ongoing due diligence and monitoring your portfolio. Having the expert fiduciaries at HBA by your side can help your organization avoid the pitfalls that many institutional investors make on a regular basis.

Investment Management

Investment management has so many moving parts that the required ongoing research, monitoring, and rebalancing can easily take up more time than you can afford to give. Often times, investors will find that the well-diversified portfolio they think they’ve built, instead will have unintended concentrations of risk or unforeseen correlations in their holdings. Others may find that their portfolio is not well aligned with their risk tolerance, or that the portfolio’s risk profile has changed over time.

Heritage Business Advisors believes in making informed decisions that focus on a long-term investment policy that goes beyond broad allocations to equities and fixed income. We build unique and effective investment portfolios that adhere to your entity’s individual strategies, risk factors, and investment styles. Heritage believes in the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory. Because of this, we diversify across multiple equity holdings, minimizing the risk while increasing your returns.

Heritage believes that properly planning for the long-term and having patience to see that plan through, is the most direct path to successfully reaching your goals.

Risk Management

As important as it is to develop long-range goals for your business, Heritage Business Advisors believes that risk management is equally important, because reaching those goals will almost always involve challenges and detours. With that in mind, we develop a risk management strategy that is unique to your organization’s needs to ensure you are able to weather the temporary storms without jeopardizing the long-term rewards. Part of the way we accomplish this is by mitigating risk through diversification and eliminating the threat of emotional responses to market fluctuations by using a rules-oriented investment approach.

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