Business Value Growth Services

Stand-alone Value Growth Services Tailored to Fit Your Business's Needs

No two businesses are exactly alike. The long-term goals for one may not reflect the needs of another. Heritage Business Advisors understands that and that’s why we tailor our value growth strategies to best suit the specific needs of you and your business.

In addition to our primary services, Heritage Business Advisors offers a host of secondary services. Whether it’s leadership consulting or helping you build systems to sure up your operational efficiency, Heritage has you covered. Each of our business planning services benefits you and your business in multiple ways. The successful completion and application of our services can improve morale, increase productivity and revenue, and grow the benchmark value of your business. In doing so, you can enjoy immediate results and the assurance that your company is also becoming a valuable commodity that can be sold for a profit.

Leadership Consulting

The leadership consulting at HBA examines the capacity for leadership within your business and ensures that it aligns with your company’s primary goals. Throughout the entire process, we have ongoing and in-depth conversations with you, discovering challenges and opportunities alike. More than simply telling you how to generate greater leadership within your organization, Heritage Business Advisors will help you to find the solutions that exist within your company.

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Marketing Planning

Marketing consultation is one of the many secondary services that we offer at Heritage Business Advisors. We use data analysis to determine the best way to appeal to your customer base and then guide you through the implementation of the best marketing strategy for you and your company. With our marketing consulting service, you will learn the latest in consumer trends and how they affect your business.

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Sales Processes and Systems Development

We all know that sales are a driving force in our company’s revenue and cash flow, but how do we get our customers and clients from beginning to end? Heritage Business Advisors has the knowledge and experience to help you implement fast and efficient systems that drive your prospective clients from the opening introduction to the closing sale. The advisors at HBA explore your current sales processes and combine them with your current marketing and growth initiatives in an effort to maximize your sales results.

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People and Processes Planning

Good people are the backbone of any great company. Finding a way to attract the best people to work for your company can be a challenge. However, through great benefit structures and employee retainment features, Heritage can help you to make your business irresistible to the top talent in your field. We believe in the power of employee engagement and encourage our people to take ownership of the company. Fostering that type of empowerment is key to getting the most out of your team.

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Operational Efficiency Strategy

Efficiency is one of the greatest indicators of a company’s well-being. The mishandling of time and resources can add up to huge losses in revenue through a lack of productivity, missed sales opportunities, and wasted efforts. We offer operational efficiency solutions that can mitigate the effects of inefficient operational procedures. Our advisors will guide you, step-by-step, through the process of writing your operations manual and help to implement new strategies along the way.

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Financial Operations

One of the key components of a company’s efficiency is its ability to receive and process payments. Keeping tabs on which of your clients have kept their accounts current and which ones have fallen behind can be a daunting assignment in and of itself. That task is made even more complicated when you must pursue the collection of past due accounts. The expert staff at HBA has years of experience in business operations and finance. With that knowledge, we can maximize the efficiency of your financial operations to streamline your incoming and outgoing revenues.

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Risk Management Planning

We face various types of risks every day. As business owners, we must eliminate as much risk as possible from ourselves and our businesses. Potential buyers and investors go to great lengths to mitigate their risk when choosing investment positions. Heritage Business Advisors’ Business Wealth Management service provides you with a full risk analysis. From diversification of your investment portfolio to long-term disability insurance, our risk management strategies can prepare you for any eventuality. With our risk management tactics, we can protect your business while simultaneously making it more attractive to future buyers.

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