How The Outbreak of Coronavirus Impacts The Financial Market

How The Outbreak of Coronavirus Impacts The Financial Market

Unless you’ve been in a cave for the last several months, you have probably been bombarded with news about the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The disease, which began in Wuhan, China, has spread to over 120 countries and has infected upwards of 150,000 people, leading to over 5,000 deaths. With a mortality rate of roughly 3.4%, COVID-19 has made the world take notice. The threat of COVID-19 has caused businesses from Disney World to Urban Outfitters to shut down and canceled many events from music festivals to the NCAA’s March Madness basketball tournament. With so many closures and cancellations, COVID-19 impacts the financial market in a major way. But what does that mean for you?

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Understanding How Personal Risk Tolerance Affects Investing Strategy

If you enjoy roller coasters, then perhaps you’ve enjoyed the last twelve months of the stock market. On the other hand, if you’re like many others, then watching the seesaw of events affect your portfolio could be causing you some sleepless nights. With the 2018 Christmas Eve drop and the after Christmas rebound of the market, now may be a great time to check your risk tolerance. Read more

Five Essential Money Moves for First Time Parents

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You Are Not a Financial Stereotype – Are You Treated Like One?

Who do you suppose you are to your financial advisor? Chances are you are less a person than a “type”.

Maybe you’re the corporate manager who takes risks. Maybe you’re the single parent struggling to build a college fund. Maybe you’re the middle-aged couple who must take care of ailing parents. Whatever the details, what you are not is a unique individual.

It has been my experience, that many financial advisors rely on a handful of investment models to cover the life circumstances their clients find themselves in. They have created six, or eight, or ten portfolios intended to encompass a broad range of circumstances and personality types, and their job becomes fitting you into one as best they can. Whether they have ten clients or a thousand, each will be fit into one of these models, one way or another.

At Heritage Investors, we refuse to shoehorn our clients into cookie-cutter investor models. It would be a disservice to our clients, and it doesn’t work.

Let’s say you are a married couple living next door to your married friends. You are all in your early to mid–40s, reasonably healthy, working decent jobs, and looking to retire in a couple of decades. Let’s say further that you both go to a financial advisor who drops you into the same “perfect” predetermined investment portfolio.

What happens when your life takes an unexpected turn? Life happens. You or your spouse—or both of you—may fall ill or be forced into long-term unemployment. All of a sudden your retirement 20 years in the future takes a backseat to making ends meet today. Or one of you is diagnosed with a terminal illness, and you realize you probably won’t be around in 20 years. At that point, your focus may be meeting expenses and providing for your survivors.

The point isn’t just for tragedies, either. Your calculations will also change with good fortune. Let’s say you come into an unexpected inheritance or some other windfall. Good for you! While you’re celebrating, though, you should also start thinking about how your new situation has changed your plans for the future.

As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™, we at Heritage Investors pride ourselves on treating each individual or family situation as unique. That’s the way we like it, and that’s the way our clients like it as well. If you think that, you too, may like this approach, please get in touch.

Need Advice on Money? Tips for Picking the Right Financial Expert

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